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Specialty Rugs Page Modification

With the good responses from clients concerning the Specialty Rugs page, I am expanding the page to include a wider spectrum of finely woven rugs. This page will include all rugs meeting all of these requirements:

  1. High-Quality Lamb Wool - Tends to have a Silky Texture

  2. 120 - 600 Knots Per Square Inch Allowing Incredible Detail

  3. Exquisite Quality in the Imagery and Layout

  4. Tight-Weave Knotting Creating a Firmness to Evenly Lay Over the Floor

  5. Insignificant Length and Width Variance Creating a More Consistent Rectangular Shape

  6. Are New or Only Lightly Used and in Excellent Condition - All Showing No Significant Signs of Use

This page is now labelled "Fine Woven Rugs"

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