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About Stafford's Rugs

Stafford's Handwoven Rugs is a business in Portland, Oregon that focuses on vintage handwoven rugs from countries including Iran/Persia, Afghanistan, and Turkey, as well as cultural regions including the Caucasus Mountains, Kurdistan, Turkestan, and Baluchistan. 

We are not quite a brick & mortar where people can show up and browse the inventory, and it's not like a typical e-commerce where you can immediately purchase using an on-line check out. This website was built to view what is currently available and provide transparency to the origin, age, and condition of each rug. This provides clients a source to see the current inventory, create their own selection to view, and make an appointment to view that selection on-site. 

Most of these rugs/carpets are vintage rugs that have a history and uniqueness.  Along with the history, the rugs may have condition issues involving reduced pile, aged/muted colors, bled dyes, or other imperfections.   All condition issues are noted in each rug's description.  Best to fully read the descriptions and view all of the pictures. 

The rugs are listed from largest to smallest in almost every category.  Click on a rug to view the full portfolio and description specifying the history, design, and condition, among other details.

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