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    • Temporary Change in Remote Sales/Shipping Policy

      With the current Social Distance era, Stafford's Rugs will be changing the remote sales/shipping policy. People purchasing rugs from out of town locations can now buy rugs from the site and have the option to return. If a client purchases a rug remotely and on arrival finds the colors/condition/pile/etc were significantly different than what was expected from the pictures, the client has the option to return the rug for the full price (Shipping fees will not be refunded). The client must notify me of the desire to return within 48 hours of arrival. The client will provide packaging and shipping back to Stafford's Rugs and the full price of the rug will be refunded after the rug is received and inspected This process will not be fully automated, and I will need to be contacted to work out the location and costs This return policy only applies to clients that place remote orders. It will not apply to clients who purchase rugs on site.

    • Glossary

      The following is a list of terms commonly used in the rug trade as well as my descriptions. This list is to help site visitors fully understand the descriptions creating a more accurate assessment of each rug viewed. This is a constantly evolving list. Abrash: What appears to be stripe(s) of a muted shade running straight across from one side of the rug to the other. This is caused by a weaver subsequently using multiple batches of the same color yarn that were not equally colorfast creating an increasing visible variance as the rug ages. This is not uncommon and often appreciated in vintage and antique rugs and can be found in city, village, and nomadic rugs. Allover Design: A background pattern of the entire field without a central focus point (i.e. medallion). Used in city, village, and nomadic rugs. Asymmetrical: Inconsistencies in the layout and/or imagery to where the images are not consistently mirrored. Also refers to physical inconsistencies in the width and/or length. Boteh: Common rug motif reflective of a turning leaf or flame. Often laid out in the repeating pattern or used as an accent to a larger layout. Culturally symbolic of change, fertility, and unity. Borders: The border or series of borders placed along the edges generally encasing the central area (field) of the rug. The borders often contain a pattern and/or images. Brackets: The sectioned areas in the inner corners of the field often containing a design complementing a central medallion and/or the pattern of the field. Also called corner brackets or field brackets. City Rugs: Rugs handwoven in workshops on vertical looms. Generally the rugs are stationary from start to finish and are woven by multiple employees. They tend to be more in the traditional design with floral/curvilinear attributes. Workshop operations create facilities that enable large rugs to be easily produced. Condition of Rug: Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Fair Excellent Condition: The equivalent of an almost new rug showing no significant signs of use. Very Good Condition: The rug has good edges and even pile but might show some age in colors and/or pile. Good Condition: Fully usable rug with imperfection(s) in the pile, inconsistencies in colors, and/or wear on edges. Fair Condition: Conditions showing significant wear or damages often needing extra steps in care. Density: The firmness in the feel on the rug created by the thickness of the pile, the knots per square inch, and the tightness between the wefts and the rows of knots. Field: The central area encased within the borders, often containing patterns, medallions, brackets, and various motifs Fringes: The exposed ends of the warps Floral Rug: This is a misleading term. It generally refers to a more traditional city rug with more curvilinear imagery in the vines, edges, and floral motifs. Because most geometric rugs include more tribal floral motifs, the term floral rug is misleading. I refer to the traditional floral rugs as floral curvilinear rugs. Geometric Rug: A rug displaying linear edges in the imagery and layout. This trait is almost universal in villages and nomadic rugs, but is also sometimes used in city rugs, especially those using a Herati background Herati Pattern: A repeating image of a rosette encased in a diamond with accent motifs on the inside and outside of the diamond edges Medallion: Larger central image(s) in the field of the rug. Can be singular or multiple. Multiple medallions are more common in geometric/tribal rugs or in traditional and tribal runners. Motifs: Images complementing to the pattern of the rug. Includes floral, animal, human, and tribal motifs Nomadic Rugs: Rugs woven by nomadic groups and individuals using horizontal looms that suspend the rugs over the ground. These rugs move with the people in the process of weaving enduring a challenge in maintaining a symmetrical shape and design. Asymmetrical variations are not uncommon and often make the rugs unique. Palmette: Image of an open lotus flower often used generously in the field and borders Persian Rug: A rug specifically woven in Iran using traditional Iranian weaving techniques. The term is over-used often mislabeling a rug from another region but generalizing the origin by calling it Persian. Because the ethnic term is used in reference to the traditional weave as well as the aesthetics, rugs that are machine-made in Iran are not considered Persian rugs. Same rule applies to other countries as well (i.e. Turkey). Pile: The height of the rug when it is laid out on the floor. Generally between 1/8" to 1" Rosette: A circular image reflecting a bird's eye view of a flower exposing the pedals encasing a central bud Selvedge: The edges running along the sides of the rug perpendicular to the fringed edges Symmetrical: Referring to either the consistent mirrored patterns in the design or consistent physical attributes (i.e rectangular, circular, etc) Village Rugs: Village rugs are rugs woven in villages or towns. These tend to be done by individuals with looms in the household and also in small workshop operations. The rugs tend to have geometric traits but not lacking in floral motifs. Rugs 7 x 10 and smaller tend to be woven, with small workshops creating some larger rugs. Warps: The part of the rug foundation that generally ends in exposed fringes. The warps are tied together with knots creating the hand knotted rug Weft: The part of the foundation going from one selvedge edge of the rug to the other separating the rows of knots that tie the warps together.

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    • Stafford's Handwoven Rug - Contact Info

      Appointments/Questions/Inquiries? Call or Text at 503.333.5229 or Use Chat Function in Lower Right Corner of the Screen During Open Hours or Email at or Message Via Facebook at or Send Thanks! Message sent.

    • Stafford's Handwoven Rugs - Portland, Oregon

      STAFFORD'S HANDWOVEN RUGS PORTLAND, OREGON Learn More Floral Rugs Tribal/Geometric Rugs New Specialty Rugs Page STAFFORD'S HANDWOVEN RUGS Nicely Aged Handmade Rugs, Carpets, and Kilims from the Greater Middle East Area. Origins Include Countries Like Iran/Persia, Turkey, and Afghanistan, as well as Regions Including Kurdistan, Caucuses Mountains, Turkestan, and Baluchistan. Get in Touch OPEN HOURS Visits Arranged By Appointment Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm STAFFORD'S HANDWOVEN RUGS Portland, Oregon 503.333.5229 Send Your details were sent successfully!

    • Stafford's Handwoven Rugs - Blog

      Glossary December 1, 2019 | Stafford Rug and carpet terminology used in the trade for describing the attributes of individual rugs Read More Finely Woven New Rugs October 10, 2019 | Stafford I have just set up a page for new finely woven rugs from expert weavers in Afghanistan that are operating out of their homes. They do Kazak, Shirvan, Biljek, and Khal Mohammadi Patterns. I normally deal in vintage rugs from original locations. I am making an excepti... Read More Discounted Rug Page January 2, 2019 | Stafford I just launched a Discounted Rug page. These include rugs that were received that didn't meet qualifications to be regularly listed. These are still quality rugs, but got discounted 30% - 80% because of origin, modifications, or condition issues. Read More Just launched a Sneak Peek page showing the recently received rugs that haven't been fully entered into the system - Link in Main Menu July 16, 2018 | Stafford This page gives regulars a glance at the incoming rugs, with the option to view the rug(s) personally Read More Please reload Recent Posts Glossary December 1, 2019 Finely Woven New Rugs October 10, 2019 Discounted Rug Page January 2, 2019 Please reload Archive December 2019 October 2019 January 2019 July 2018 Please reload Tags afghanstan carpet carpets iranian kazak rug rugs rugs carpet shirvan terminology Please reload

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