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Vintage Rugs:


Nearly all of the rugs listed were made between 1880 and 1980 and are considered vintage or antique rugs. Along with the appeal of the history and use, there are often condition issues (i.e. lessened pile, muted or inconsistent colors, etc). Any visible imperfections are displayed in the picture set of each rug and/or specified in the description.


Local/Long-Distance Market:

The business was initially created to serve the people in the extended PDX area. Local clients are able to personally examine the rug(s) and are exposed to the actual colors, condition, and feel of the rug. Remote purchases can be specially arranged, but the client is expected to have thoroughly viewed the entire set of pictures as well as read all details specified in the description, especially  the condition section. Best to contact me directly for a remote purchase.

Rug Sizes:

The measurements provided from each rug are  categorized into 6" Increments.   Each rug is measured in multiple  places creating an average of the length and width (Most hand knotted rugs are not perfectly rectangular).  If the measurements are at or above 3" and under 8" over the  integer  length, the  rug gets a .5 added to the integer length.  If the rug is 8" or more above the integer,  and under 3"  above the next integer, it gets  categorized  with the next integer.  For example a rug that was 6'8" x 10'2" with be categorized as 7 x 10.  A rug that is 10' 1" x 12'7" would be a 10 x 12.5.



By Appointment:


The website contains all of the current inventory.  Clients are able to view the current inventory and create a selection. The business generally operates by scheduled appointments where the clients submit a list of the rug(s) they wish to view.  The selected rug(s) are presented in a show room for each appointment. Generally appointments can be made within 24 hours or the same day if the selection is submitted relatively early.


As is.


The items in the inventory are mostly used vintage rugs. These rugs are sold as is. People are expected to thoroughly examine their selection and ask questions during the appointments. Any color, feel, and condition issues the rugs may have, the client is expected to take that into account on examination, making each sale final.

Buying Rugs:

We buy rugs from people interested in selling. The amount offered is half of what the rug will most likely sell for in our current product mix. The rug must be hand knotted or a handwoven flat weave. Rugs are priced based on size, quality, origin, and condition which also influences how much will be paid out. Also, if the entire payout for the rug is put towards a purchase of another one of our rugs, an additional $25-$100 will be credited to the purchase based on size, quality, origin, and condition.


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